Covid-19 Testing 


1. What is DiagnoseMe? DiagnoseMe brings accurate, advanced molecular and in-vitro diagnostics testing closer to Africans. DiagnoseMe leverages best-in-class equipment and technology to provide precise, reliable and prompt laboratory testing services to lead the charge in the delivery of precision diagnostics.   


2. How long does the testing process take? Our turnaround time is 48 hours from when sample gets to the lab. 


3. Can my results be emailed to me?  Your results are only made available to you through your personal DiagnoseMe Africa account. Log in to your DiagnoseMe account to view your results. 


4. Have you been accredited by the relevant authorities to offer testing services? Yes, we are listed on the NCDC’s network of accredited testing centers in Nigeria. 


5. What type of tests do you run for detection of COVID-19? The sample type is nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal (throat swab). We use the RT-PCR method of detection as it is highly sensitive and highly specific for the diagnosis of COVID-19 disease. It is also currently the only approved method of detection for COVID-19.

 6. Will I be notified if I test positive?  In Lagos, we are only authorized to communicate negative results, the state is responsible for communicating Positive results. 


7. What are the opening hours at DiagnoseMe?   We are not a walk-in lab. You will be scheduled to visit one of our collection centers to have your sample taken, Our centers are open Monday – Saturday from 9am - 4pm 


8. I cannot access my account, please help.  Kindly share more information on the error message you are getting. 

 9. I had my test done some days ago, all my colleagues except me have gotten their results 

  Kindly exercise patience, you will get a notification on your registered email address once your result is ready. Kindly reach out if you do not get an email notification in 48 hours 


10. I forgot my password. How do I reset it? Click the ‘forgot my password’ button below the provider login page o Enter the email address that was used to register the account. Click submit. o A link to reset your password will be sent to the registered email. o Click on the link in your email. o Enter and confirm your new password. o Log in to your account using your email and new password. 

 11. I can’t view my result, i need to enter a PIN. The PIN is the 4 digit number you set while verifying your account. 

 12. I cannot remember the PIN for my account If you are having issues remembering your PIN, follow these steps for recovery:  Login in to your account o Go to settings 

o Click on initiate PIN recovery. o Enter your account password 


13. I cannot verify my account, I need to change my email address.  The email address has been pre-set, so it cannot be changed. 

 14. My name was spelt incorrectly, please change it.  Please feel free to make the changes on your profile. 

 15. I did not get an activation email, and all my colleagues have gotten theirs. Please share your registered email address so we can assist you further. 

 16. Privacy/Credibility/Security • How secure is my data? We use a heavily secure, state of the art cloud architecture system. Our data is fully encrypted, and is rendered useless outside of our system. Reliable access control ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the information they require and we also keep a log of IP addresses that access our information. Multiple brute force access attempts will be flagged from external IPs which are then blocked.  


17• Is my data used for research? We have identified the importance of implementing clear work processes that alienates and guards against inappropriate use of samples in each use case. For diagnostics and research, we have designed separate portals. For DiagnoseMe, the portal allows for diagnostic requests, feedback and results retrieval.   In the case of research, the portal allows for collection of research participant information with unique participant identification code that ensures privacy and confidentiality.  We have deployed a state-of-the-art laboratory logistics management information system that specifically tracks the samples for the purposes for which it was collected.