An FAQ category is like a folder in which you can organize FAQs that are related or share some context. Categories make it easier for users to find the FAQ they are looking for. For example : If you were a Saas company you would want to create a ?Pricing? category and put all your pricing related FAQs under that.

To create a new FAQ category:

  • Click on the ?+ Add Category? in the left pane; the ?Add Category? modal will open up on right.

  • Enter an apt title for the category. This is what your user would see. Like ?Pricing? , ?Support? etc. Upload an image for the category and try to have icons from a same theme to make them look nice and pretty :)
  • Select the platforms (android, iOS and web) on which you want this category and its FAQs to be shown.
  • If you are in the process of writing FAQs under a particular category, you can choose to hide this category and its FAQs from your users by checking ?Save as Draft? checkbox?.
  • When you are ready for the outside world to see this category and the FAQs under it you can publish it.